Friday, November 18, 2011

Catch Up

Okay so I have seriously not posted what's been going on in my life... 
Life just gets too busy to sit down and blog about it. So many things going on this summer/fall so I will try to describe it with some pictures to slim down the story time. 

Zane and I at our friend Dee Dee's wedding. She was a stunning bride and we had the best time. 

One of my bestest buds A. Popsicles by the pool for us every Thursday this past summer. 

Trampoline time with Anna Bell. 

Civil Wars concert at the Shoals Theatre with Victoria.(gotta love the nerd glasses)

I had the best opportunity to be a part of a short film crew thanks to Janae. So thankful she always thinks of me!

Got lucky enough to go to a ton of concerts this summer..Katy Perry front row. Enough said. 
Candyfornia Dreams Tour.

My second Britney concert!!

Taylor Swift concert with Annastyn and Aunt Michelle. Annastyn=TaySwift#1fan

Spending time with my love. 

 One of my oldest friends Heather at her son Bryson's second birthday party.(he's getting so big)

Out and about with Jen.

 My big sister in Zeta. I've always looked up to her!

My bff at our lovely friend Whitney's wedding. So glad she found the man of her dreams and I was a part of her big day!

Maybe that will fill you in for a while and I will try to get better at posting in my diary section!

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