Sunday, November 28, 2010


can't get enough:

-My number one pick on boots this season would definitely be over the knee! They are a come back, but a great come back at that. I chose a flat and black pair. They were the most versatile with my closet and better for being on my feet. At black friday I purchased a heeled dark brown pair to dress up a few outfits. Hopefully we will see these stick around for a few fall and winters they are my FAV! The tan pair pictured below are available at Tinley Road, $79.00 The black pair are also available at White Mountain,$89.50

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--This fall in love with a pair of fold-over wedge boots. Mine only have a three inch heel and since it's a wedge it's great for being at work.They are unexpectedly more comfortable than I thought they would be. I'm obsessed with adding knee socks to them for a different look rather than just bare boots. The style can also be taken from fall straight into winter which is always a plus! The boots pictured are the exact pair I own, by Naughty Monkey. I got them at in the taupe suede color.

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-My next choice are short boots, cowgirl style! Gotta love these. They have the cowboy boot feel with shortness for a twist. Something a little different than just the normal cowboy boot (either pair can be worn year round if worn properly). These boots are available at www.lulu' MIA on sale for $73.50.

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-Booties have been around for a couple of fall and winter seasons for us. They are always a good way to dress up a casual ensemble. I own a pair of oxford lace up booties that I'll never be able to get rid of. They are perfect to wear with those textured tights (you might be to nervous to try). Suede booties with embellishment are another great pair to have in your closet. They can be paired with tights or skinny jeans to dress up for work or out with friends. The first pair pictured are from Caladoc Heels in purple $258.00. The grey pair are from Cossa Sedate Bootie in grey $32.80.

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---Considering there are tons of different types of boots out there..these are the ones I like best and cant get enough of! Let me know what you think!!---

Sunday, November 21, 2010

a start of something new

Hello!! I'm so excited this is my first blog ever! I'm new to all of this and I'm off to a rocky start but I think i can do it. I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now but didn't know how or what to write about. I know I want it to have to do with fashion because it's what I love. So the name of my blog spot is my fashion diary because I am going to guide you through my closet and everyday clothing. I'm also going to give lots of fashion advice for those unanswered questions that everyone needs the answers on.In my opinion a persons clothing expresses who they are and how they feel from day to day. I want to show how my everyday clothing choices reflect who I am. I have to get the hang of this website but I know I can. So stay tuned for more blogs!!