Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Leopard Pumps

OK, so I had been dreaming about these shoes for a while and I just had to go for it. They are basically everything you would want in a heel and can make an old outfit into new!

Although, I did have a little trouble with them at first now they are perfect! 
I ordered them off of piperlime.com for $100.00. I got a few discounts here and there with them being $130.00 originally.

 So here is the story: The first time I ordered them the leopard print was off...like they didn't match. I thought I was going crazy because I kept staring at them to see if I should send them back or not. So, I took pictures and sent them out to my closest friends to get some opinions. The verdict was to send them back for another pair. So I did and got these and they are GREAT! I am totally happy with my purchase now. I would have not worn them as much as I do now if I didn't feel comfortable with uneven spots!!

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