Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shoe Bow Ties

A while back I saw a pair of the cutest flats and I didn't buy them. Of course when I went back for my purchase they didn't have my size. I searched and searched and couldn't seem to find them so I decided to try to create the, to die for shoes for myself. 
Here are the Libby Edelman shoes in the Kendra style.
(these are my fav)

Here is what you need:
-Pair of flats (mine are from Old Navy $10)
-Measuring Tape
-Paper Clips
-Fabric (your choice of color)
-A pen (or a friend)

First, cut the fabric in strips. Use your measuring tape to measure 5inches wide and 25inches long. This makes for a BIG BOW, but that's what I like about the Libby's so much. 

Then I used a pen as a base to tie my bow. This is where the friend part comes in. I was alone so I had to make it work. All I did was tie my bow the way I wanted it to look on to the pen. 

I then attached on side of the paper clip to the knot of the bow and the other side to the front of the shoe. You can adjust the bow to be exactly the way want it. If you have some frayed edges just use to fray glue to hold them down. 


I LOVE them!!  I can even take the bows off if I want to use them on different shoes. Such an easy and inexpensive project. I guess it turned out to be a good thing that I couldn't find those shoes I wanted so badly.

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