Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Wreath

I'm usually not a wreath kind of girl, but I was obsessively pinning on pinterest (if you aren't a member you should so join!) and found some really creative styles. So (as pinterest usually does) all these fall projects sparked some ideas. I took what I liked from certain wreaths and made it my own. It adds the perfect touch to my front door and I can keep it up through Thanksgiving. 
Here is what you need:
-1 yard Burlap 
-1/2 yard of orange fabric
-1/2 tan/mustard fabric
-Wreath Base
-Hot glue
-Straight Pins
-Door Hook 

First, you need to make your fabric rosettes.There are tons of tutorials online to show you how. I just ties a knot at the end of a strip of fabric and wrapped it around, hot gluing every 1/2 inch or so. This takes time so be patient with yourself. Once you get the hang of it then you should be able to speed it up. 

(Zanes toes ^^^ in his ugly shoes)
(these don't look like different colors but they are. the lighting in my room was dim)

I then cut out strips of burlap to put over the base of my wreath. I didn't really measure or anything just totally guessed. 

I hot glued the burlap on to the wreath in gathers so it would have a ruffle look when finished. I used two layers because one just wasn't enough. 

After I glued the burlap on to the wreath base I pinned my rosettes over it with the straight pins.(this way if I want to use them again later I can)I couldn't decide what bow to use for the top, but a bow is a must!! So first I tried just some extra burlap, but I didn't really like it. 

Then I found some old fabric I had from a previous project, but it clashed with my rosette colors.. Too much orange. 

Then I looked in my closet and found an old scarf that I never wear, tied it on top and it was huge a perfect. The bow can never be too big!!

(I have never hung a wreath so after I took this picture I put it a little higher)

This project is super easy and cost me only about $15. Have a happy football filled Saturday and go out to get your supplies for your front door wreath.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I know I have been slacking lately in the craft department, but I'm here to make up for it. I have been in need and on the search of the perfect coasters. As I was blog reading Saturday I found the cutest idea on how to make my own. This way you can make them personal and exactly the way you want. It is so easy anyone can do it.  
Here is what you need:
-Paper of your choice (I chose four different kinds).59cents each
-4X4 ceramic tiles .16cents each
-Mod Podge $4.99
-Felt Stickers .99cents for a package
-Clear Spray Paint $4.99

First cut the paper out into squares to put on top of the tiles.
And don't forget to stick your felt stickers underneath so they don't scratch the table.   
Then put the Hod Podge over the tile and stick on the paper. After it dries put two layers of Hod Podge over the paper.
It might take a while to dry, but once it does take it outside for some clear spray paint. Just lightly spray each tile two times. 
Once they are all dry you're ready to use them!! Super cute for gifts and SO EASY to create. Have fun and make yours to fit your personality like I did. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Coffee Cup Collector

Over the past couple of years I have become quite the coffee drinker(black,cream,sugar,latte,mocha,iced,whatever I can get). And what comes with coffee?? COFFEE CUPS!! I have somehow slowly become a coffee cup collector. They are just so cute and come in so many different sizes and colors/patterns!! My collection isn't that full yet,but I plan on drinking coffee for..well the rest of my life so I have plenty of time. Here are some of the cups I have so far in my collection!

I got this Little Miss Sunshine cup in NYC at Macy's. It always puts me in a good mood.
I actually got this cup for my Nana, but I drink out of it every Wednesday when I visit her. 
This huge coffee mug has an owl(one of my favorite things) perched on the handle and even one in the bottom so you know when you're almost ready for some more coffee. 

I recently picked this giant mug up at Hobby Lobby on sale for $3.50. It's so big I could eat soup out of it! (you can see my owl in the background..unplanned for the photo. promise.)

Maybe this post will inspire you to drink or collect some cups of your own. 
Happy Tuesday