Saturday, November 12, 2011

DIY fringe scarf

I discovered an awesome scarf idea and have to share it. 
It is really really cheap and easy! 
A perfect gift idea or project to do with a friend. 
What you need:
-XL t-shirt 

I got my shirt in a size 3xl so it would be an extra big scarf! 
It was only $4.47 at wal-mart. 

 First, cut the shirt straight across right under the sleeves. 

 This is what it should look like after you cut it across. 

 Then, cut strips up and down leaving about a five inch gap at the top. The gap is the base of the scarf that goes around your neck. 

 Be took me around twenty minutes to cut all my strips. After you cut then pull each strip and it makes it a little longer and skinnier. 

This is your finished product!! 
So cute,super easy and fringey!!
Happy Crafting 

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