Monday, August 1, 2011

Central Park

I have been gone from my blog world for way too long!! Right now I am in an NYC Starbucks waiting on taxi to take me to the airport. So I thought I could give you a little something to hold you over till I can tell you about my trip. 
On this trip I discovered the beauty of Central Park. I have been there before, but it just didn't seem the same as it did the last time.  Everywhere you turn there is something to distract you, but here is openness and quite. It is an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life to the people of New York. This is what makes it one of my favorite places in the city! I'm sure you have seen bits and pieces of it in movies and shows that you watch or have even been here, but here are some pictures that I took!! Stay tuned for details on the rest of my trip. Have a great week and HAPPY MONDAY! 

Me at the Bethesda Fountain where tons of scenes from movies and shows are filmed. Shows such as my favorite GOSSIP GIRL!! I was so excited to see this part of the park!
 As I was walking I witnessed an engagement. If you look closely you can see a sign hanging over the bridge that says Lilly will you marry me? Love Nathaniel. I even saw him get down on one knee in the gondola with roses and champagne. 
 The carousal was so cute I wanted to ride!! Then I remembered that I am 24... 
 Here is the Bethesda fountain again. Such a pretty place and it even has lily pads inside!
 I even spotted a beagle!! My bff looooves these kind of pups so I had to take a picture for her. 
Something you don't see very much of in the city..trees!!! To the residents it really makes you appreciate nature when you don't see it often. 

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