Monday, August 15, 2011

Jalapeno Popper Sandwich

I have created my own love for jalapeno peppers lately. I used to not like them at all..some people say your taste buds change over time? Katherine found this recipe some where and we both thought I should try it out. It is seriously so easy anyone could do it. 

This is what you need:
- Sourdough bread
-Spreadable Cream Cheese
-Colby Jack Cheese

 Everything was pretty cheap. Maybe a little over $10.00 and you have plenty of supplies if you need to use them for another dish.
First, I put a little butter in the skillet and heated it medium(remember I have to take extra precautions not to burn!!). Then I took the bread a spread cream cheese on one side.
I then just sprinkled some colby jack over the cream cheese. 
Then I sprinkled jalapenos all over the top (I like a lot). I just slapped the other piece of bread on top to make it complete.
Then I just put it on the skillet and cooked it like a grilled cheese sandwich. It doesn't take as long as I thought.
Flip and cook till it looks like this on both sides and the cheese starts to ooze out! It looks so YUM!!
 Wesley was my taste tester last night..he approved!!

This is soooo easy. It took probably ten minutes to prepare and cook. Easy and Fast! The perfect recipe for me. If you have any recipe you want me to try just let me know!! I am up for anything that requires minimum cooking skills!

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