Friday, August 26, 2011

Cat Eyed Sunglasses


Right now I am really into the old school cat eyed sunglasses. I just cant seem to be able to find the right pair. I have searched all over my town and have found only a couple pair that could work (look out for the scay ones).  So now I turn the the world wide web! Here are some pairs that I found that are what I envision myself wearing.
A purchase is in the works! 

I found these on for $21.95. 

These are $20.00 on

Found on by Prada $196.00 in black or brown. 

Oooo la la I really like these tort shell cat eyes from (of course I do)  $250.00.

Here are a pair of reasonable priced from for only $16.00 and you can get them in tort shell also!

These are really pointed at the ends! I found them at for $15.99!!!!

And these for ONLY $9.99!!!! is where it's at. 

See even Marilyn is into the cat eye look. If she is I am.
Happy Frideeee everyone.

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