Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY:Vintage Chairs

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A while back I discovered these cute little chairs at Salvation Army. Of course, my best friend and I decided to make a project out of them as soon as I told her about it. It feels like we have had them forever an never found the time to start our creation until now. Katherine and I both have enough chairs in our living space so we made these just for YOU! It took a little more time than expected but it was worth it in the end. If you want to do this yourself it is so easy! 

What you need:
-Paint Primer
-Two Paint Colors of you choice
-Sand Paper 
-Clear Sealer 

Here are our chairs before we started! YUCK! but so cheap. You can find so many good pieces of furniture at thrift stores and yard sales for next to nothing. ALWAYS be on the look out. 

First things first. We sanded down all the rough spots and wiped down the chairs before we started anything. Yes, we do realize that we need to invest in an electric sander because there is a lot of sanding involved in our projects (sanding by hand is for the birds). Then we put primer on the chairs to get them ready for our real paint. 
 We chose to paint the majority of the chairs a cream color and added zig zag patterns on the seat! After we painted the chairs cream we taped off our zig zags and painted the inside baby blue and apricot. 
 Make sure you let the paint dry fully before removing the tape or you will get paint everywhere!! We had to touch up a few spots, but nothing major. It could have been worse. 

 (Kat perfecting her zigs and zags)
When the paint was completely dry we took the tape off and started sanding AGAIN! We wanted to make the chairs have a vintage feel in some areas. We sanded through all the way to the original dark color to make it look old. We then spray painted a clear coat of sealer to finish it off. 
Here is our finished product!! They are so cute and we worked so hard on them we don't want to give them up, but we have no where to put them. They would look so good together or separate. So... together $40 or separate $25. If you want to purchase just contact me or Katherine and we would be happy to get them to you. Good luck with your chairs if you decide to DIY. 

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