Friday, July 8, 2011


This is long overdue, but hello! If you didn't already know I am Krystina Bole. 
This is my diary page where I let you know about my life. This post is kind of an introduction and the basics you should know about me while reading my blog. 

I love fashion. I am obsessed with clothing and keeping up with the latest trends. Probably the reason why I chose to study it in school for five years! Yes five years (tried to make it last as long as possible).  I am the manager at a bridal and formal boutique in my hometown, and have been for the past four years. I love the feeling I get when I am a part of choosing the dress of a girls dreams. 

My boyfriend and I have been together for five years!! (Dang that's a long time I know). We are truly each others soul mates and were put on this earth for each other. 

My best friend and I have been together for almost five years also!! I love Katherine Marie Davis. She gives the best advice and is always on my side! I couldn't ask for a better best friend. We are each others side kicks, never apart. She is also a fellow blogger!  You can view her blog at She has the best ideas to get your home looking fabulous. 

I love my friends so much they are a huge part of my life and I could not live without them. They support me in everything I do and are always ready to have a good time. Here are just a few pictures(if you aren't pictured, please forgive me. I just didn't have a good pic: you know who you are!!!) to give you an idea about them. All so different, but all connected to ME!
Me, Jenny, and Emily. 
Me, Heather, and Baby Bryson at the pumpkin patch last fall. Best Friends since 8th grade!
Kristi, Whitney, and Jenny. 
Victoria and Janae.  My fashionista and beautista. 
Me and Jordan.
Me and Whitney. (always looking out for me)
My sweet Maliea.

And then there is my fam. A little crazy at times, but you gotta love em.
My two sweet cousins..Jake and Annastyn. I love them with all of my heart and would do anything for them! Some say Annastyn is a mini me (I say that only when she's nice).

Me, Nana, and Mom. Three Generations of crazzzy women. 
My mom and my nana are two of the strongest hearted women I know. Nana is the best grandmother a girl could ask for and probably the smartest person I have ever known. She is literally the glue that holds our entire family together and keeps everyone in line. My mom is the best cook around and nurtures everyone! Her main goal at a family gathering is making sure everyone there is full.
Paw-Paw. He loves his cigars and me :) 
Soria, John, Johnny Boy,Morningstar..really whatever comes to mind first. The best step-dad eva!

I really wish I had a picture of my Aunt Michelle to post. I've always looked up to her and want to be the mom,wife,aunt, daughter, and grand-daughter she is to everyone else. She is an amazing woman.

So here ya have it! Just a little background on who I am so while your reading(if you don't already know me) you don't have to wonder. I will post more about my life the diary page so stay tuned!

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