Monday, July 18, 2011


A close friend of mine introduced me to Starbucks cake pops and I've been craving them since then! Since we don't have a Starbucks here in Florence I decided to try to make them myself (scary). I looked on line and did some research on how to make them and came up with a recipe myself (also very scary).

 As I posted before cooking or baking is not my thing so you will have to brace yourself for this section of my blog. I hope to get better as I try new things.

What you need:
-Cake Mix (of your choice)
-Mini Paper Cupcake Holders
-White Chocolate

Here we go!! First, I made the cake mix just like the back of the box says. Ya know the basic eggs, oil, and water deal.

Zeth and I both think the best part about baking a cake cleaning out the bowl of cake batter.

After I baked the cake (and didn't burn it!!!) I took it right out of the oven and crumbed it all up. After all the chunks were out I mixed the icing in with it. It made it a nice texture and thick enough to roll up in balls. Don't make them too big or they wont stay on the stick later.

After I used all my cake/icing mixture I was ready for the fun part!! Well that's what I thought.. Note to self: you CAN burn white chocolate in the microwave. Of course, there are going to be a few bumps in the road in the kitchen for me. Although I didn't think this was possible. Here is what white chocolate looks like burnt..clumpy and stinky. (Read the package on scorching)

So I had to start over with my chocolate, but was very careful not to burn it this time. Then I took the cake balls and rolled them in the melted white chocolate. This part is really messy and most likely there is a better technique than the one I used. I dipped them in a bowl of sprinkles right after the chocolate so they would stick.

I then put the chocolate covered cake balls on a cookie sheet (you should probably use wax paper). Then I stuck sticks into each one. I put them in the fridge for about thirty minutes to let the chocolate harden.

When you are finished it should look like this!!  A cute little cake pop with sprinkles! Not too bad for my first try of something new. These would be so cute to have at a shower or a party. Plus you don't feel that guilty after eating one because it's not like eating a whole piece of cake..but I can't control myself to eat just one.

Keep reading for more fun and easy creations in the kitchen and hopefully I will get better along the way. If you have any suggestions for my next gourmet post please let me know. Have fun making your cake pops!

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