Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Blog Design

I've been doing some revamping to my blog and trying to make it more like a website. When I first created it I only wanted to focus on fashion because that is what I LOVE the most. I got to exploring a little more with decorating posts and decided I wanted my blog to be more. 
Now my blog is going to be a little bit of everything, from fashion and beauty tips all the way to food (which I am NOT good at). As you can see at the top of my blog I have icons that you can choose from. Now when I write each post will be from a different category. The home page will keep you updated on every new post! 
Look around and see what new subjects I will be writing about in the future. Each one has a description to let you know what it's about.
 So please enjoy reading and let me know what you think!


  1. I love your new design! I am thinking of getting one made too! I really like your blog!

  2. Thanks Allison! I will have to follow yours too!! Cant wait to read about your life in Germany!


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