Tuesday, June 7, 2011


From t-shirts to maxi dresses, lately I have been LOVING the black/white striped look. I could probably wear it everyday and it would never get old. Although, every time I wear it my boyfriend and his friends always say I look like a referee or straight from jail. It can be black with white or white with black, worn by all the stars...either way its the latest.
Here are some helpful hints on how to wear it and where to find my favorite black/white items.

The Kardashian sisters LOVE black/white stripes. Even baby Mason gets to wear it! They show how you can wear stripes in skirts, blazers or dresses.
Just be careful with this look because it could make you seem bigger than you really are... make sure you wear the right pieces that go with your body type.

This skirt was found on yesstyle.com for only $18.00. I would pair it with leggings like shown in the picture or with a grey tee shirt and black or red flats.

Black with white tank style maxi from Nordstroms.com ON SALE 50% off $53.90.
I would definatly choose to pair it with black wedges just like shown on the Nordstrom model.  

This French Connection stretch mini dress is on Bloomingdales.com $78.00. A piece like this can be used year round. Wear it with a cardi, scarf, and boots or just sandals.

JLo is definatly on board with the black/white vibe. She's seen wearing it for every season in several styles. She shows you how to wear them relaxed and casual or dressed for a night out. 

I found this striped cardi on the cutest website tonelayout.com for $29.00. They ship everything for a flat rate of $7.00(WOW). Its made out of thin fabric so it's a good transition piece for summer into fall or winter into spring. 

Stripes plus a blazer is a perfect match. This one is from shockboutique.com $78.00. You could use this with black wide legged pants for the office or over a black mini dress for later. It would be a great statement peice for any wardrobe. I love blazers. You can never have too many!

Rachel Bilson (style critic herself) shows us how to add a simple striped tee to an outfit to make it all come together. You can find a little tee like this at target for almost nothing if you are having trouble adding that little flair to an outfit. 

I hope this post helped you fall in love with the convict/referee look that I have overflowing in my closet. 


  1. Love those stripes. They'll never go out of style. Thanks for finding me thru Lauren Conrad's site!

    xx Kara


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