Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DIY: Feather Hair Extension

Don't be the last to know that feather hair extensions are so NOW! 
They are an easy non expensive way to change your hairstyle.You can get on the go clip ins or more permanent styles. This post will teach you how easy and cheap it is to do it yourself. Even all the celebs are wearing them from Steven Tyler to Selena Gomez. I posted some pictures so you can see different styles and ways to wear them before we get started. 

What you need:
- Feathers
-Leather Cording
-Clear Thread
-Embroidery Floss 
-Bobby Pin
(you can add anything else you want beads,more cording, etc.)
All my supplies cost less than $10.00!! I got them all at Hobby Lobby.

Cut two 30inch (or longer depending on where you want it to hit) pieces of embroidery floss. Tie a knot at one end and tape it down to a table. Tie the two pieces in knots over and over just like the first step to tying a shoe string. 

It might take a while but don't get frustrated! This is just like making a friendship bracelet(I used to be obsessed and I made one for Lauren Conrad that she really wore!!). This is your base for the extension. After you have it as long as you want it, tie a double knot and cut the remains. Take the other end and tie it to the tip of a bobby pin.
Next you need to get your clear thread and needle ready!
After you thread your needle with clear thread poke it through the base of your feather. Then through your braided embroidery floss. Thread it through a couple of times to make sure it holds. Then you are free to put whatever other accents you want on your bobby pin. I chose some single strands of leather cording and embroidery floss. I even tied some random knots in them to make it have a more tribal feel. Just simply secure all your strands on the end of the bobby pin and you're done!! 

Here I am sporting my new feather hair extension!! The best thing about it is that you can make as many as you want and take them out whenever. Its nothing permanent and you can coordinate with outfits! The must have summer accessory is a feather hair extension! Enjoy your craft time!

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