Monday, June 13, 2011

Decor on a Budget

I recently bought a new shower curtain for my bathroom and am totally in love with it (my favorite decorating element in my apt). It has ruffles (one of my favorite things ever!) all the way down it in different fading shades of blue and green all the way up to yellow. I had my eye on it for quite sometime, but would never let myself spend over $100.00 on a shower curtain. So finally I broke down and made the purchase and it was soooo worth it. The way I see it is that I use it everyday rather than just every now and then.. kind of like particular season handbag...

(my pic is a little tinted...)

So then I was stuck with no idea how to add other decor to my bathroom with this spectacular shower curtain... 
One day on one of our many adventures, Katherine and I found some picture frames at Salvation Army.They were each like 50 cents apiece!! Such a steal and I knew I could use them for something.
I bought different shades of blue paint and different shades of blue paper at Hobby Lobby for about $10.00 total. I painted all the frames different colors of blue from my shower curtain.

It literally took about ten minutes to paint the frames with two coats! I also did some sanding to show the original wood for the more old rustic look I wanted. 
I then cut the different colored paper to match the size of the frames. The hardest part was probably arranging the frames on the wall. I couldn't decide how I wanted it to look, but once I did it turned out cute. Just a small cluster on the wall to show off the colors. 
The colors match my curtain perfect and it pulls my bathroom together! This project cost me about $10-$15 and about 30 minutes to create(mostly paint drying). I can't wait to paint more frames for my living area. I hope to have an entire wall of colored frames with black/white pictures. More projects like this in the future for us girls on a budget! 

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