Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MISSONI for Target

MISSONI for Target

TODAY was the day many of us fashionistas have been patiently waiting for since it was advertised. MISSONI FOR TARGET!! 
Some of Hollywood's most stylish stars showed up for the private launch in NYC on Sept 7th. They even showed up wearing the items that were made just for the Target line. Missoni's signature collection can cost you thousands, but this one is for the average joe (ME). 
So, two of my very bestest friends (Victoria and Janae) and I scoped out every item we wanted online and then made our plan of action. We wanted it all from rain boots to the bike!! We decided to get up early and make the trip to our local Target. Boy, are we glad we did (although our Target didn't have everything we wanted)! I REALLY dreamed about the shorts shown above, but our Target didn't have them in stock!! :(  Rumor has it that the line did so well for Target the website was shut down because of so much activity and all the stores are sold out of the merchandise. 
We can't wait to wear and use all of our new items and are so glad we got up to get our goods! The pictures above are most of the items we bought today to celebrate this awesome designer and the special line showcased at Target. Hopefully you got what you wanted and didn't miss out!

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