Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall Shopping List:

As hot as it is in the dog days of summer you should start shopping for you fall wardrobe NOW! All the department stores and boutiques should have in their fall merchandise. I like to start early so by the time it really does get chilly I have lots of new pieces to wear. Here I will show you my top five  MUST HAVE LIST for fall.

1) Loafer Heels
An update to the traditional loafer you are used to seeing. I love the feminine touches added like a pop of color and tassels.

J.Crew $295.00

Simon tassel platform loafers from for $136.00.

2) Midi/Maxi Skirt
Over the years we have watched the hem lines rise and fall, but for this season it is a little in between. The spring/summer look of long maxi skirts can be transitioned into fall. Just a little bit higher above your ankles so your new fall shoes show! You can wear them with oxford wedges or suede flats. 

This pleated coffee colored skirt is from fro $34.99. (I LOVE this site)

Here is a longer wrap style skirt from one of my favorite designer/celeb, Lauren Conrad. It is from here new clothing line Paper Crown (full blog post coming soon) that made its debut this fall! It can be purchased at for $345.00 and also comes in grey.

I found this mustard midi on for only $34.00. 

3) High Waisted Flare
Investing in high waisted flares is something you just have to do this fall. I think they are best worn in dark denim and with heels, not flats. Make sure they aren't too long and aren't too short with your heels.

These are from by Siwy Jeans for $217.00. The pleats are a good addition to show off your high waistedness. 

Gap trouser jeans are a little cheaper and exactly what you're looking for. I luckily snagged a pair on sale for like $12.00 this past spring. They are now on sale for $59.96. 

4) Polka Dots
They are the official "trend" of fall 2011. Skirts, shirts, shoes, and tights. Say what you will, but they are back and Beyonce says so. 

Black and white polka dots are huge this fall and combined with sheer chiffon fabric. Bloomingdale's has the perfect mix of shear white with black dots for $80.00. 
If you aren't too sure about the polka dot pattern trend, then you can ease into it with these tights and a little black dress. They are found at for $32.00.

Okay this might be out of your budget, but I just had to post it. Marc Jacobs made the most beautiful polka dot mermaid skirt. Found at for $2239.00. If you have the check book and a fancy event to attend this your skirt. 

5) Tie-Neck Blouse
Classy and sophisticated for work or play. 

Ark and Co by for $49.00. 

The baby pink color makes this blouse look even more feminine. It was found on by Remain for $88.00. 

This being the BEST deal is $23.99 at Kmart!! WOW. 

Happy Shopping!

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