Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My NOW must haves:

Jeggings (Jeaned leggings)--are my first and foremost must have. Some people may be against them but if paired with the right top they can make a really cute outfit. I love wearing mine with oversized shirts or sweaters. They are also perfect to wear with boots. (so much easier than tucking and tugging in jean legs) My personal favorites (not just because of the designer) are LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. These are from $108.00 (something to splurge on because you can wear them so much)

Oversized Sweaters--lately I've found myself wearing a lot of leggings/jeggings and the best option with them are my sweaters or cardigans. Right now I prefer chunky knits and the bigger the better. TIP: thrift stores have some of the best finds with the best prices. This is a Marc by Marc Jacobs from $428.00 and Bycorpus Popcorn Sweater from Urban Outfitters $68.00

Chunky Scarves--are one of the perfect accessories for a cold day or if you are having trouble piecing together something to wear. I have a floral scarf that I wear with all black. It can add a pop of color you need and keep you warm at the same time. (depending on the fabric and if its not too chunky they can be used in spring/summer also) This is a large flower scarf from $79.90 I also found the Cardy Pocket Scarf by Ugg Australia at $95.00

SOCKS-- have to be one of my FAVORITE items to wear this fall/winter. Last year I tried them a little but this year I wear them all the time. With so many different styles,textures, and colors they can add so much to a simple pair of boots. They can spice up any outfit! I love a thigh high pair with my oxford booties or suede boots. I got mine at Target and Urban Outfitters.
This pair from Urban Outfitters are thigh high and $14.00 available in other colors too! The others are from in navy blue lace $5.10.

ANYTHING Sequin--goes! They are literally everywhere. Sequins arent just for New Years anymore. Every girl loves a little glitter and sparkle. From skirts and dresses to hats and clutches. I can't have enough sequins. If you dont have one single sequin in your wardrobe you are far behind!! GAP has an amazing sequin jacket. I'm in love with the sequin uggs (Oprah's favorite things). If you don't want to go with the key pieces go for something smaller like an over the shoulder purse or clutch. You could also try a sequin pocket shirt (DIY coming soon)Check out these Christian Louboutin pumps $3,095. These Tom's shoes are comfy glittery and are for a great cause (for every pair you purchase Tom's will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need) The dress is from lulu' Teenage Dream Sequin Strapless Dress $46.00. Try the Luxe Sequin Clutch from Juicy Couture $139.99.

Velvet--is defiantly a chic fabric to try to incorporate in your winter wardrobe this year. It being loaded in all the fall runways is reason enough to at least try. You can try full blown or just a little taste if you choose. Velvet is easy to mix with other fabrics that you already have in your closet such as silk,chiffon, and even leather. Some of the most watched style stars are wearing it so get started on you perfect velvet piece if you haven't already! You could wear tights and a blazer with this cute velvet romper from $68.00. This velvet bow clutch from juicy could be just the right touch for you $129.00

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