Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Wreath

I'm usually not a wreath kind of girl, but I was obsessively pinning on pinterest (if you aren't a member you should so join!) and found some really creative styles. So (as pinterest usually does) all these fall projects sparked some ideas. I took what I liked from certain wreaths and made it my own. It adds the perfect touch to my front door and I can keep it up through Thanksgiving. 
Here is what you need:
-1 yard Burlap 
-1/2 yard of orange fabric
-1/2 tan/mustard fabric
-Wreath Base
-Hot glue
-Straight Pins
-Door Hook 

First, you need to make your fabric rosettes.There are tons of tutorials online to show you how. I just ties a knot at the end of a strip of fabric and wrapped it around, hot gluing every 1/2 inch or so. This takes time so be patient with yourself. Once you get the hang of it then you should be able to speed it up. 

(Zanes toes ^^^ in his ugly shoes)
(these don't look like different colors but they are. the lighting in my room was dim)

I then cut out strips of burlap to put over the base of my wreath. I didn't really measure or anything just totally guessed. 

I hot glued the burlap on to the wreath in gathers so it would have a ruffle look when finished. I used two layers because one just wasn't enough. 

After I glued the burlap on to the wreath base I pinned my rosettes over it with the straight pins.(this way if I want to use them again later I can)I couldn't decide what bow to use for the top, but a bow is a must!! So first I tried just some extra burlap, but I didn't really like it. 

Then I found some old fabric I had from a previous project, but it clashed with my rosette colors.. Too much orange. 

Then I looked in my closet and found an old scarf that I never wear, tied it on top and it was huge a perfect. The bow can never be too big!!

(I have never hung a wreath so after I took this picture I put it a little higher)

This project is super easy and cost me only about $15. Have a happy football filled Saturday and go out to get your supplies for your front door wreath.

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