Friday, May 27, 2011

DIY: Old to New

To me, the way you have your living space decorated also shows your style. Interior decor has just as much fashion as the clothing you wear daily. Decorating on a budget, as well as shopping for clothing, can be difficult. This post is here to inspire you to decorate or revamp your living space!
A couple of weekends ago my bff and I had a free Saturday and decided to do some thrift shopping. We came across two chairs that we thought could be really cute if fixed up. 

We got them at our local Habitat Store! They look pretty bad but just wait.

So next we went to Lowes and got all the supplies that we needed. Which after you find your furniture (the hardest part) it is easy.
What you need:
-Paint (any color you want)
-Clear Gloss (we used the spray paint version)
-Fabric (that coordinates with your paint color)
-Staple gun
-A best friend to help on all your decisions and work (hard to find but only the best will do)

So first we cleaned our chairs up and started painting on our colors. I chose blue paint with orange/cream damask fabric for the cushion. Katherine chose white paint with a yellowish/cream patterned fabric for the cushion. We also got some coordinating fabric to make pillows!(DIY coming soon)

(Katherine ^)

It took two coats of paint on our chairs, but I'm sure one would look fine.
After we painted our chairs and let them dry we started our sanding. We sanded through in some areas to show the original color and to make it look a little worn.(Katherine wanted to match the color of my nail polish to my chair)
After we sandpapered it down really good we spray painted the clear gloss over it for protection. While it dried it was time to reupholster our chair cushion. We cut the fabric and stretched it over the front of the base. Carefully we stapled each corner and then the middle. Thankfully we had Katherine's sweet mom, Annie there to coach us and make sure we didn't staple our fingers!


 When finished tightening the fabric good it should look like this on the front! 
After the chairs were dry we simply stapled our cushions back on and tada we have NEW chairs!!!  

We love our new chairs so much we have bought several more to work on and possibly sell! Its not hard at all to make anything from a thrift store that is old new again. If you like this post then you will LOVE my bff Katherine's blog
Don't forget to let me know what you think in the comment box and follow our blogs! 
Good Luck with your chair

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