Sunday, April 3, 2011

70's Chic

In case you didn't know EVERYTHING for this spring is taking us back to the 70's. Almost every designer has inspiration from 70's fashion in their 2011 spring lines.

The 70's was a special time for fashion because it gained a little more attention and people became a lot more aware of trends and style.Here are some key pieces that you are going to need to update your closet with for this spring season!

Fringe Handbags:
Fringe has officially made its comeback. I have a mustard yellow fringe handbag that I will never be able to get rid of because it is one of my all time favorites. It was actually a steal not a splurge and those are the best kind! If you have to this is a splurge kind of item for this spring. Here I found a pink fringe bag for $395.00 at This dark brown is cheaper from for $62.76.
Maxi dresses/skirts:
From skirts and dresses to their hair, people from the 70's liked it long!!To get an early start to my spring fashion trends I have already purchased several skirts/dresses. Being the latest trend you can find these at any store right now.Bottom line invest in a maxi if you haven't yet or you will be left far behind. This pink maxi skirt is from $128.00.The olive stripe skirt is a little bit budget friendly $46.00 off-the-shoulder cream dress is a design from $1,295.00.The black maxi dress with pink roses is $58.00 from Last but not least the basic essential maxi for ONLY $10.00 from the one and only (never letcha down)
One of my favorite part of the 70's era are jumpsuits!!Icons like Elvis and The Brady Bunch made the jumpsuit what is today. In 2008 it made its comeback and is still trying to weasel its way into your closet so give it a chance!If you are to nervous you can also give the illusion with the bell-bottom pants with a same color top. The one shoulder floral print jumpsuit is $89.63 The strapless printed blue is from $27.99. The orange halter print is Marc Jacobs $1,300.00 Bergdorf Goodman. Next are the pants (which I am totally in love with this pair,but cannot make myself buy them)from $108.00.The wide leg trousers by LOVE** are from $76.00. The last pair are navy blue pleated and also from $100.00.

Platform Sandals:
Any of these grooooovy sandals will be a great start to your spring to go in to summer. Most of them are actually pretty comfortable and not that hard to walk in because of the stability of the soul. I would suggest getting a pair that are not to high so you can wear them more. For me the skies the limit with my heels because I'm a shorty. P.S. platforms aren't just for discos. The first pair are (my pick and my recent purchase)Jessica Simpson $98.00 Despite the 5 inch heel they are as comfortable as a heel can be and easy to walk in. The tan wedges with tassel zipper on the back are by Dolce Vita $178.00 The navy/leather ankle wrap platform is Christian Louboutin $995.00 The olive green wood heel platforms are (also in my closet,but in pink) from only $35.50.
Flared Sleeves:
If its a mini dress or a dainty top it needs flared sleeves for the 70's. I love long sleeve dresses especially for the temperature change when you don't really know what to wear.. well now is the time! Flare sleeved tops look cute paired with shorts and platforms or flats. The first dress (once worn by Kelly Ripa) is found at for $220.00. The navy dress is found at $209.00. The cream flared top(cute with ripped jeans)is $174.00 The last one i LOVE is from $98.62 (I see it in my future)

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